Monday, April 23, 2012

Escape to Praha

Believe it or not, I haven’t forgotten about you! A wave of assignments had knocked me under in the fall term and I finally have managed to fight my way back to the surface. To breathe again and float over to the warmth of a deadline-free shore. Okay, there still are deadlines but let me sun myself in denial for a bit….

Within hours of handing in my final assignment I was on a plane bound for Prague. It was necessary. It was freeing. Finding a flight on Saturday, I scooted over to the airport on Monday afternoon without a plan, armed only with the knowledge that Prague had an important clock that I had to see.

Oh and yes, two of my dearest friends from Warwick were back in the Czech Republic for Easter vacation. Tereza and Barbora indulged my travel whims, kindly fitting in last-minute visits to the city to show me around. Many of these shots are from the first day of my trip when the three of us covered a lot of ground, including hiking up a hill that showcased the city better than any postcard I’d ever seen.

My jaunt to Prague was the first time I’d ever set foot on the European continent. Yep, it was definitely a good initial taste what Europe has to offer. And yes, the wanderlust is stirring inside me once again. Hopefully my dissertation will behave itself and I’ll be able to dash off and share more with you soon. Prague coffee and food posts to come!