Monday, August 1, 2011

Coffee Break with Eun Jung

Part of my heart will always be in Seoul, Korea. That city is stuffed full of memories for me, made with great friends from both Korea and the US.  Beyond that, it’s an intense, vibrant place filled with people in motion, wonderful food and countless side streets loaded with things to discover. Oh, and yes, some of the best cafés ever!

I had to share this shot with you that my friend and former coworker Eun Jung took in our old office's neighborhood. Unfortunately, the Nambu Bus Terminal area didn’t have any cool hand drip coffee shops when we worked there. She promised to keep this place for me until we can once again have a coffee break together.

Speaking of Korea, I’ve been meaning to share a few of the blog posts that I wrote while in Seoul. Some chronicle Eun Jung and my adventures while others are just random observations of a waegook (foreigner). I’ll post some over the next several weeks and save a few for the next time I start really missing the city.

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