Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday in Manoa

I'm taking a breather today in Manoa. It’s a brutally hot August day but life is a lot breezier out here in the valley. I enjoyed a mug of Ethiopia Mordecofe at Morning Glass Coffee + Café which is a very airy spot indeed. Delicate window shades hang instead of walls on two sides of the café, allowing the air to circulate and the mind to wander. 

This new spot features beans from Stumptown as well as Rusty’s Hawaiian, the Ka’u estate that has generated quite a bit of buzz over the last while. Everything is ground fresh and brewed by the cup, as it should be with such great beans. There were three coffees to choose from but my mind zoned out once I saw "Ethiopia." Mmm, fruity and wonderful.

I enjoyed my coffee while noshing on a large frittata wedge packed with Hamakua mushrooms, spinach, “melted” leeks and Muenster. So good!! They had a bunch of other tempting things on the menu and spread across the counter (which I don't remember specifics about except that they all seemed to be equally stuffed with great-sounding ingredients) and the staff kept mentioning to customers that they serve a full breakfast menu on the weekends. Seems like I need to get out to Manoa more often!

Sorry, I would have taken more shots but my camera's battery died before my coffee arrived at the table. I took this one with my not-so-smart phone. For some reason, I really fell in love with that orange mug. It just felt good in my hand.

Morning Glass Coffee + Café
2955 East Manoa Road, Honolulu, HI 96822
morningglasscoffee.com (808) 673-0065

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  1. Can't wait to try this place! The fritatta looks and sounds so good! We should try to make it here before you go!